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There are seven types of web design elements. The amount of empty space that acts as a buffer between the elements on your page is referred to as the white space an element that is also attractive. The side bar, copy and margins are some of the page elements in which the white space acts as a buffer. The importance of the white space is it allows the website not to be overcrowded and results to a clean design that is organized. However the space needs to be kept open in order to allow the reader to navigate with ease. A strong limited color palette is also a key element in web design which helps in creating cohesiveness between everything of the business.

When companies use both primary and secondary colors then they create more room in working with creation of web design elements such as the resource database, blogs and landing pages. An important aspect when doing a site is the incorporation of colors as a lot of colors results to the site being visually distracting. Thus web designs need use simplified color combinations as this allows to focus on the site. The performance of a website is determined by using a clean backend coding. The use of clean backend coding results to effective navigation, loading quickly and converting visitors into lead clients. Boosting elements of the SEO are used in web design elements.

Design tricks such as title tags, meta tags among others are contained in the SEO boosting elements and aid in ranking high of the site in Google search engine. Filling out, tweaking and optimization of the design tricks is done so as to be relevant to the site. Also design for the first user is another web design tip in which the site should be user friendly before considering ranking and ratings. Immediate loading is required of a website therefore consideration of speed optimization is important. A set of different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of sites is defined as web design. Marketing and communication are skills required during web designing. The user interface design affects the quality of the layout. The interactive design and user experience are skills needed in web design.

Search engines, social media, videos, emails and blogging are some of the channels used in web marketing. Searching of information in the world wide web uses search engines. Web marketing consists of several benefits which are; cost effectiveness, build relationships, measurable, focus, easy adaption and editing, and easy to determine return on investment.

Relationships are built by businesses that offer real time solutions on problems. Also the businesses is able to start up conversations that lead to growth, trust and strong relationships with their clients.

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