Choosing Nose Reshaping Surgery for Improved Appearance and Better Breathing Ability

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is one of the cosmetic surgery options that is most in demand. The work is complex, requiring the surgeon to reshape the bone and cartilage to form a more attractive size and shape, and to improve breathing. Anyone interested in seeing how a person’s appearance can be improved through rhinoplasty might check out this Instagram page by Dr. Michael Zacharia, a plastic surgeon in Australia.

What Rhinoplasty Can Accomplish

This operation is intended to reshape the nose or eliminate breathing obstructions, or both. In many cases, the patient simply does not like the shape and size of the nose he or she was born with. A plastic surgeon can make a nose smaller, more symmetrical and more streamlined. Bumps and humps can be eliminated. Nostril size can be reduced. The doctor and patient confer together about what the patient wants. Computer simulations can show how the face will look after the operation.

In other situations, the person was struck in the face and suffered a broken nose. This can change the shape of the nose and make it crooked. The effects of the impact also can cause chronic trouble with breathing through the nostrils. Plastic surgeons can correct these problems.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Physicians like Dr. Zacharia have taken an interest in minimally invasive nose surgery, allowing patients to achieve improvements in appearance without more extensive changes to the nose. Bruising and swelling are minimized and the patient has a much shorter recovery time. The results are more subtle, and acquaintances may realize the person looks more attractive but may not be able to pinpoint what has changed.

Understanding Limitations

Patients must be realistic about what they can achieve with cosmetic nose surgery, and the doctor will help them understand the possibilities and limitations. Rhinoplasty can improve their facial symmetry but won’t make them look like supermodels.

Practical Details

Usually rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery that doesn’t require staying overnight in the hospital. Medical insurance does not pay for elective surgeries, but if the main reason for rhinoplasty is to improve breathing, insurance may cover the operation.

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